Friday, May 27, 2011

Mysterious Dream || Photoshop Manipulation by CHAKRI

Hi my dear friends !! M damn exams are over from now i will be free more then for 3 months...!! Soo full fun and full updates !! LoL !!

In mean while i came up with a thought about my mysterious dream about my friend !! i dont want to mention the name here..!! Anyway you can look my dream in imaginary view !! he he he

Mysterious Dream by CHAKRI
I dont know whether you like it or not...but its really amazing for me...!! bcoz of no reasons....!! i worked hard to comeup with this manipulation with more than 7 stock photos...!!

This is a gift for my best friend...!! I dedicate my work of 3 hours for my friend...!!
I Love My FrIends !!