Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CHAKRI FLYER !! latest blog layout 4 my CHKRY Blog

Hey hi everyone..!! Today 31 May 2011 i came up to you with the new blog layout concepted as CHAKRI FLYER !! Bcoz from tmrw i m gona be regular at my updates and at my designs..!! will come up to u with a lot more photoshop manipulations and d best photos i hav ever taken till now !!

Coming to the concept CHAKRI FLYER, Three days back i got a bad dream !! in d dream i played my role as a flyer flying a huge plane like a kite with a thread...!! it seems funny for you but really i got d same thing in my dream !! but finally as kite hits down after sunset likewise my plane too hitted streets were there were massive destruction and commonly my damn alarm sang a sad song to wake me up !!

So whats next...!! Commonly i dont remember my dreams when i wokeup..but i remember this one clearly so worked from yesterday and made this concept with simple design...!! Coz i dont wana messup with heavy works which eat my whole valuable time...!! LoL !! Not like that but i was busy with few wokrs so i came up to you with this simple design !!

Anyway keep visiting my blog to stay updated about me !! And i will post here what ever i do !! its for real !! LOLOL !!