Sunday, February 23, 2014

Super Beam || Best file transferring app || CHAKRI REDDY

  Hey friends hello ! I think everyone are doing well.! Today i m free to write something useful for people like me.! Actually for basic learners like me.! Being using my Samsung Galaxy S3 from 6months, I love some of apps and games in android.!

    And now when every i wana transfer files or recieve them from my friends i just ask them to beam me via SUPER BEAM app.! Actually i love this thing..! Its fast ,simple and easy ! i can send a Gigabyte of file in less than 5mins ! more faster than wifi-Direct.!

    Only problem is it drains ur battery more than bluetooth and wifi direct.! But wen comes to time it saves alot and lot !! Jst wana share my knowledge and my activities so posting u the screen shots !!

  Do you wana download this just go to Google Play and search for Superbeam store or CLICK HERE

 Keep visiting for more stuff... ! <3 !