Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 | CHAKRI REDDY

  Hey hello everyonee....! Feeling happy to welcome the precious new year 2014 !!

Every year has 365 days except leap year dont comment on this again. :D but the first day and last day are soo precious in any year..! Coz we start our first day with new resolutions and last day we end with memories..!

   I Love this day very much..bcoz this is the only day of year i think of having a resolution because every one has one ....!! In 2k13 i dont think i fulfilled my resolution but worked hard to make that happen ! I took few steps forward on making a resolution....!

   I feel one resolution for one year is more than enough..! Coz that may change our entire life.....! Like an Idea can change your life LoL !!! <3

This  year too i have a new resolution which is short and simple...!

" I Will be polite to everyone and will be better in my actions "

 I wish you and your family members a very very great and prosperous new year !!

Have a great year with great oppurtunities ahead :D <3