Monday, August 1, 2011

RED the MoViE || Watched today after Long Time @chkry

             Hmm...!! Today i spent my time to watch RED Movie on my PC !! just got Dvdrip from one of my friend !! i never heard talk abt this movie earlier !! Coz i m bit away from cinema concentration LoLoL !!

Anyway this is a great Action Movie i liked it alot !! Thats why i m posting this over here :D :D !! i suggest you too do watch it if u get time !!

i never rate any movie with any of the stupid countings !! but this one is worth watching ! i m not advicing you to watch d movie in theatres spending your money,and d movie isnt in theatres too now ! LoL ! so go buy a original DVD from near by stores and do watch it !!

Even Morgan Freeman looks tooo pretty :D :D ! you do love her action in this ! As usual BRUCE WILLIS rockzz with his action :D !! The Shooting scene of him at first getting out of rotating car with his gun pointing is amazing !! i m totally convenced,he is not GrandPA !! LOLOL !!

 RED The MOvie

Retired : Extremely Dangerous